Tycho Talks Breaks for Inspiration to Better Create

Scott Hansen is known as the embodiment of Tycho and the go to composer behind many creative professional’s inspirational background music since launching Past Is Prologue in 2010. Even Hansen acknowledges that his music is great background for creative endeavors as the meditative quality of it helps you work through your process. Hosted by Michael Coleman.

Music is more important than coffee when it comes to working on creative projects.
— Scott Hansen

Aaron Franklin & Tyson Cole on Opening LORO and the Power of Collaboration for Creation's Sake

LORO is an Asian smokehouse and bar brought to you by James Beard Award winners, Chef Tyson Cole of Uchi and Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue. During SXSW, Outpost Trade hosted several hundred guests in the not-even-open-yet restaurant. A Hai Hospitality restaurant, it was obvious that the team had been expertly crafted to impress and serve all attendees a unique selection of foods devised by the LORO team. The podcast was recorded at the opening of the event with host Michael Coleman while guests were receiving their first taste of what LORO had been developing. Hosted by Michael Coleman.

What is the Future of Mountain Towns? A Discussion From Mammoth Lakes Moderated by Scott McGuire

Have you ever dreamed of packing up your business and moving it to a peaceful, quiet mountain town? Pipe dream, right? Well, as technology continues to develop ways of maintaining connectivity on the cheap, such a dream is becoming more and more possible. The overhead costs needed to remain in a city, both personally and and as a business, may not even be necessary. Scott McGuire of The Mountain Lab can attest. Listen in as he talks with several stakeholders (listed below) in the existence of Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes, a year-round resort town in the southern Sierras. Their conversation took place at The FORT, a new co-working space that will enable you to fulfill your dream of setting up shop in the great wide open. In the conversation: Scott McGuire – The Mountain Lab – Moderator, Linda Cobb – Bumpercrop Studio, Kimmy Fasani – Burton / Mammoth Athlete, John Urdi – Mammoth Lakes Tourism, Jeff Russell – Ridge Merino

Terry Stanley Talks Consideration For Journalists And What She's Seen With 30 Years Inside The Press

With 30 years of furiously-paced journalism behind her, Stanley has influenced the point of view of millions of readers with articles about marketing and advertising, entertainment and pop culture, startups and Fortune 100 companies. As a veteran print and digital journalist, Stanley treats the reporting business like a full-contact sport. After graduating from Columbia, Stanley came up in a world of journalism before the Internet in what were male-dominated press rooms. She now can be found on any given day writing for Adweek, L.A. Times, DGA Quarterly, Emmys.com and then heading over to the gym to teach a killer boot camp. We sat down with her at the Outpost Trade Retreat at The Fort at Mammoth Mountain to hear some of her story and her point of view as a journalist. Hosted by Michael Coleman.

Brands have a responsibility, and it’s never been more obvious. How they handle that is under a microscope… I don’t envy them.
— Terry Stanley

A Conversation with Reuben Wu about Technology and Creation of New Perceptions of The Known World

Reuben Wu began his career as an industrial designer in 2000 while co-founding the popular synth-pop outfit Ladytron. He moved full-time into Ladytron in 2002 and began honing his photography chops through tour documentation. Eventually, he built a career in photography and design, creating artwork for the likes of Zedd and designing campaigns for Apple, Land Rover, Google, and many more. He’s a talented man of many shades and pushes the boundaries between brand, photography, culture, and music. Reuben sat down with Red Rainey while attending The Outpost at Camp Navarro, his second Outpost and first time participating in a workshop via Lee Anderson’s Biomimicry workshop. Reuben discusses his versatility and provides his insight into the intersection of technology and nature. Hosted by Red Rainey.

More about Reuben and his work at ReubenWu.com or you can follow him on instagram: @itsreuben

A Conversation With Yvonne Cagle About How Nature Will Provide the Solutions for Off-Planet Exploration

Yvonne Cagle was a member of the Astronaut Class of 1996. She is currently assigned to Johnson Space Center's Space and Life Sciences Directorate.

Dr. Cagle is also an advisor for NASA's Flight Opportunities Program. Currently Dr. Cagle is on faculty and serves as the NASA liaison for exploration and space development with Singularity University. During the workshop, Dr. Cagle was embedded with the crew as a crew training consultant and advisor, providing insights and feedback to both crew and study team from the viewpoint of an astronaut, flight surgeon, space development expert, and science liaison.

She has recently been selected reserve crew for Hawai‘i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS), which is part of a study for NASA to determine the best way to keep astronauts well nourished during multiple-year missions to Mars or the moon. Furthermore, Dr. Cagle is also listed as an honorary member of the Danish Astronautical Society.

Hosted by Red Rainey.

How Ingredients, Processes, & Brand Have Deep Roots To Create What We Pick Up On The Store Shelf

Led by Test Kitchen Manager Angela Brassinga of Sunset Magazine a discussion to better understand how ingredients, and the processes they go through, are truly are the brand beyond the logo on the packaging we see on the shelf. In the conversation, Angela Brassinga – Sunset Magazine – Moderator, Stephanie Hua – Mellows, Chris Cosentino – Chef, Author of Offal Good, Ramon Tamayo – Anchor Brewing, Sean Lovett – Revive Kombucha, Dan Braun – Camp Navarro, Cliff Kapono – PhD student at UCSD, Professional Surfer

State of Consumer Behavior : Where Are The Consumers, What Are They Thinking, and How Can You Attract Them?

Experiential marketing and the consumer retail experience is quickly becoming the signature marker, often outweighing price point and store placement, of how businesses create new campaigns. Josh Constine, Editor-at-Large of TechCrunch sat down with several industry leaders to discuss how to calibrate and capitalize on the psyche of the consumer. Listen to the full conversation here:

Seated in the panel from Left to Right: Elizabeth Dowd – Vice President of Retail Experience at REI, David Hua – CEO of Meadow, Phil Otto – Founder of Otto Design Group, Sarah Romero – Director of Brand Partnerships at G7 Entertainment Marketing, Adam Lewis – Founder of Foghorn Labs, Josh Constine – Editor-at-Large at TechCrunch

How Social Media Perpetuates Cliché Photography With Field Mag Founder Graham Hiemstra

@YouDidNotSleepThere's Luisa Jeffrey and photographers Andrew T Kerns and Mackenzie Duncan discuss the influences of social media in outdoor photography, and how to avoid falling into the trap. Moderated by The Field founder Graham Hiemstra. Hosted at Outpost : Navarro 2017 with the help from B+H Photo. Listen to the full conversation here:

Influencers, you have a job to do, you have an example to set.
— Andrew T Kearns

What Is A Micro-Adventure?

Micro-Adventures presented by Range Magazine at Outpost New York, June 2017. Sometimes, the biggest adventure is in your own backyard. How to use the city to your advantage when it comes to planning your next micro adventure. From regional guides and public transportation to gear rentals, here is how the locals do it. Jeanine Pesce Founder, Range Magazine Moderator, Sarah Knapp Founder, Outdoorfest, Michelle Gordon Marketing Manager, Paragon, Gemma Peckham Editor, Rova Magazine, Megan Billings Deputy Editor, Gear Patrol Studios, and Lily Hetzler Creative Director, Nativen

So You Want To #VANLIFE? Here's a 101 with GoWesty.

Jad Josey and Taylor Grant from GoWesty, supporters of van lovers worldwide, explain the basics of the popular #VANLIFE, explain how it’s much more than a hashtag, the reality of driving off into the great beyond, and the amazing network of people you’ll find out there on the open road at the first Outpost Trade event in Bodega Bay.

Ask A Founder : Mike Sinyard of Specialized

For the fourth installment of the Ask A Founder series with Bike Magazine we presented the relatively unknown founder of one of the cycling world's leading innovative forces, Mike Sinyard of Specialized Bicycles. Today, Specialized is one of the top-3 bicycle brands in the world, a far cry from how it was in 1974, although, in many ways the core of the brand remains much the same now as it was when it began over 4 decades ago. This is the recap from the talk with Mike and some of the history of Specialized in his own words. Watch the full video here on Bike Magazine’s Youtube Channel.

Ask A Founder : Tom Ritchey

For the third installment of this Founders series we were honored to have Tom Ritchey on the Mission Workshop stage to learn about the influential brand that shares his name. Ritchey’s love with all things two wheels started early. He built his first frame when he was just 16 years old and started his first company in his early twenties. The shape of cycling would arguably look very different without his involvement. Watch the full talk on Bike Magazine’s Youtube Channel.

Ask A Founder : Keith Bontrager

Keith Bontrager, mountain biking pioneer and engineering guru spoke about his story Thursday June 20th, 2013 in a live broadcast on bikemag.com at Mission Workshop’s HQ in San Francisco. Here are a couple moments from the talk and part of an interview and scenes with Keith at home in Santa Cruz. Check out the full talk here on Bike Magazine’s Youtube Channel.

Ask A Founder : Scot Nicol of Ibis Cycles

On a Friday night, Scot Nicol, founder of Ibis Cycles, told us a bit about how he brought the company to life and the people who helped make it happen. These are the highlights a few of the best stories and answers from the man himself, Mr. Chuck Ibis. Introduction by Mike Ferrentino. Ibis conspirators include: John Castellano, Sheryl Chapman, Roxi Lo, Chris McNally, and Nick Taylor. To hear more from each of the speakers, watch the full talk on Bike Magazine's YouTube Channel.