How Ingredients, Processes, & Brand Have Deep Roots To Create What We Pick Up On The Store Shelf

Led by Test Kitchen Manager Angela Brassinga of Sunset Magazine a discussion to better understand how ingredients, and the processes they go through, are truly are the brand beyond the logo on the packaging we see on the shelf. In the conversation, Angela Brassinga – Sunset Magazine – Moderator, Stephanie Hua – Mellows, Chris Cosentino – Chef, Author of Offal Good, Ramon Tamayo – Anchor Brewing, Sean Lovett – Revive Kombucha, Dan Braun – Camp Navarro, Cliff Kapono – PhD student at UCSD, Professional Surfer

Ask A Founder : Tom Ritchey

For the third installment of this Founders series we were honored to have Tom Ritchey on the Mission Workshop stage to learn about the influential brand that shares his name. Ritchey’s love with all things two wheels started early. He built his first frame when he was just 16 years old and started his first company in his early twenties. The shape of cycling would arguably look very different without his involvement. Watch the full talk on Bike Magazine’s Youtube Channel.

Ask A Founder : Keith Bontrager

Keith Bontrager, mountain biking pioneer and engineering guru spoke about his story Thursday June 20th, 2013 in a live broadcast on at Mission Workshop’s HQ in San Francisco. Here are a couple moments from the talk and part of an interview and scenes with Keith at home in Santa Cruz. Check out the full talk here on Bike Magazine’s Youtube Channel.

Ask A Founder : Scot Nicol of Ibis Cycles

On a Friday night, Scot Nicol, founder of Ibis Cycles, told us a bit about how he brought the company to life and the people who helped make it happen. These are the highlights a few of the best stories and answers from the man himself, Mr. Chuck Ibis. Introduction by Mike Ferrentino. Ibis conspirators include: John Castellano, Sheryl Chapman, Roxi Lo, Chris McNally, and Nick Taylor. To hear more from each of the speakers, watch the full talk on Bike Magazine's YouTube Channel.