Terry Stanley Talks Consideration For Journalists And What She's Seen With 30 Years Inside The Press

With 30 years of furiously-paced journalism behind her, Stanley has influenced the point of view of millions of readers with articles about marketing and advertising, entertainment and pop culture, startups and Fortune 100 companies. As a veteran print and digital journalist, Stanley treats the reporting business like a full-contact sport. After graduating from Columbia, Stanley came up in a world of journalism before the Internet in what were male-dominated press rooms. She now can be found on any given day writing for Adweek, L.A. Times, DGA Quarterly, Emmys.com and then heading over to the gym to teach a killer boot camp. We sat down with her at the Outpost Trade Retreat at The Fort at Mammoth Mountain to hear some of her story and her point of view as a journalist. Hosted by Michael Coleman.

Brands have a responsibility, and it’s never been more obvious. How they handle that is under a microscope… I don’t envy them.
— Terry Stanley