A Conversation with Reuben Wu about Technology and Creation of New Perceptions of The Known World

Reuben Wu began his career as an industrial designer in 2000 while co-founding the popular synth-pop outfit Ladytron. He moved full-time into Ladytron in 2002 and began honing his photography chops through tour documentation. Eventually, he built a career in photography and design, creating artwork for the likes of Zedd and designing campaigns for Apple, Land Rover, Google, and many more. He’s a talented man of many shades and pushes the boundaries between brand, photography, culture, and music. Reuben sat down with Red Rainey while attending The Outpost at Camp Navarro, his second Outpost and first time participating in a workshop via Lee Anderson’s Biomimicry workshop. Reuben discusses his versatility and provides his insight into the intersection of technology and nature. Hosted by Red Rainey.

More about Reuben and his work at ReubenWu.com or you can follow him on instagram: @itsreuben